Angel’s of Order The Angels of order were created out of the chaos after the world in order to use their powerful sentient willpower to sustain the world. After many hundreds of years they realized that they were slowly losing the battle against the chaos.

They use sheer willpower to sustain the world, and occasionally meddel in mortal affairs to prevent corruption from the Angels of Chaos. (but create greater problems in doing so)

They set up great empires with the hope they will act as stabilizing elements for the world.

Angel’s of Chaos Esuthus decided that the best way to fight against the creeping chaos is to learn more about it. He left the enclave and traveled into the pure elemental chaos.

When he returned he brought a new outlook. While in the chaos he discovered the unnatural nature of the world he lives in and wishes to return everyone back into the pure bliss of chaos. He would manipulate the mortal races and other angels in order to disrupt the Order.

To bring about his goal he manipulates the empires set up by the angels of order. If they can serve his goals for causing the cataclysm he uses them, if not he destroys them in the hope the next empire will be better fit.


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