Stars and their courses

First adventure

The Guiding Hand Social Club officially incorporated in the great city of Midtown. For their first official job the company helped escort an erratic Warlock named Tycho and his friend Coupon to the city of Oakridge so they could investigate rumors of stone and wood people. Along the way they were attacked by a mob of thieves who were quickly dispatched.

After arriving in Oakridge Tycho had another job for the company; to find some rare root in order to end a dispute between Tycho and Coupon. It didnt take long for them to stumble upon a dangerous situation as they were attacked by killer giant insects.

During the encounter one of the insects set some brush on fire exposing a sitting warforged. He immediately jumped into battle to help dispatch the other insects. After a short introduction the warforged agreed to join the company.

A group of evil warforged sent by Charon to revive their brothers discovered the group and tried to turn him. He did not fall for their ploy and they evil warforged were quickly dispatched along with a few undead.

When the group returned to Tycho he used the root to create healing potions for the players (and lost the bet against Coupon). He also had his chance to examine one of the elusive stone people rumored about (and lost the second bet).

During the encounter with the evil warforged the company saw a entrance to the elf ruins. Tycho offered the group a reward for clearing the ruins so he could explore them. The company and Tycho set up camp outside the ruins and the excavation began.

After dispatching dozens of skeletal monsters and other beasts the group discovered a evil gnome trying to decipher some runes. Tycho needs more time to discover exactly what the gnome was up to, and the company needed to head back to Midtown in order to finish applying for the company.



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